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Loft beds

Does your company have really limited space? And with all that do you have to practically fit out a number of small-sized rooms to provide space not only for sleeping but for other activities as well? It is easy enough to combine these at a first glance contradicting requirements successfully! Exactly for this purpose we can offer our customers a lofted bed, a convenient up-to-date model of modern sleeping accommodation. 


The advantages of this approach are evident: thanks to the original solution you can literally use “twice” the same part of the room. The top decker is designed for sleeping and rest while the bottom one is used for keeping belongings, studying, working, using the computer, etc. This solution will allow to reshape event the smallest room where it is virtually impossible to place normal furniture.

This model is usually chosen by companies and organizations to compactly accommodate their employees, guests or clients. But it is always possible to buy one of the sets you like just for you. You can also buy a lofted bed as a structural frame if you already have a cupboard and a desk.

We offer a choice of several sets where zones for keeping belongings and for working are arranged differently. Some people need more space for clothes while others need mostly open shelves for quick access to books, folders, etc.

A lofted bed with a working zone is a practical solution for a small bedroom for one person where it will be possible to place other furniture thanks to saved space. A data sheet for each model shows its detailed description with all specifications, design particularities and dimensions so that you can choose the best suitable option. A lofted bed is suitable for adults and teenagers but is will be too high and unsafe for small children.

A lofted bed with a cupboard performs several functions at once. All the belongings are kept at their place, a desk for reading or work is always within the access and you do not need to use additional space in another room for sleeping accommodation. Compactness, usefulness and good durability are the particular features of all our furniture.