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Participation in tenders

Our company has an extensive experience in bidding and performing government and municipal furniture supply contracts.

If you need to draft any documents, terms of reference, specifications to call for an electronic auction or tender for furniture supply, if a special attention shall be paid to proper composition of the terms of reference (TOR) for products to be procured, we are ready to assist in the performance of such works.

Clearly spelled out information about functional characteristics (consumer properties) and quality characteristics of a product, a detailed description of technical data for furniture and equipment will reduce the risk of receiving poor-quality products from a future supplier under a government contract.

Should you be interested in furniture we produce and you plan to purchase it through calling for a procurement procedure under 44-FZ, 223-FZ, we will help you to issue a proper technical specification, determine the initial maximum contract price.

For this, send a request to  tender@metmebel.ru or call +7 (926) 001-2150