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Folding benches

The task of providing a large number of people with comfortable seats can be very difficult. Especially if you need to do it promptly, at a low price and at the same time aesthetically, and furniture intended for this purpose needs to be highly “mobile”: easy to carry and occupy the minimum space. If this is exactly what you were looking for, then the folding plastic bench solves all these problems at once.

The advantages are obvious: due to removable legs it requires a little storage space, provided that it can be easily placed on the right spot when it is necessary. Compact, effective — and looks beautiful and modern. Our catalog presents both models with a solid surface and configured as the “cot”. The options vary not only in technical specifications, but also in general design, as well as in colors.

If you need externally resistant furniture for general use at a low price, then the plastic bench is the most affordable and practical choice. It will be appropriate and rational in many cases: from adequate locker room equipment to the deployment of mobile seats, for example in a large empty room or outside.

You can buy a plastic bench using the payment system that is perfect for you. We also provide credit and in bulk purchasing opportunities for all interested customers.

If you need a folding bench of a specific design, and our catalog does not have a model, we can design it for you and fulfill your individual order. We undertake not only standard projects, but we are also happy to work on a creative project if the situation requires.