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Folding sets

  • Set of plastic furniture "Summer-1"
    Set of plastic furniture "Summer-1" [LK-1]
    Manufacturer: «Saturn»
    Price: €288
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  • Set of furniture "Summer-2"
    Set of furniture "Summer-2" [LK-2]
    Manufacturer: «Saturn»
    Price: €176
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  • Set of furniture "Summer-3" Special offer
    Set of furniture "Summer-3" [LK-3] Price: €127 €145
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  • Set of furniture "Picnic" (folding table+2 benches)
    Set of furniture "Picnic" (folding table+2 benches) [60112]
    Manufacturer: «Lifetime»
    Price: €307
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How to provide attractive outdoor areas for café visitors, organize a stylish event literally from scratch or create a great opportunity in order to spend time outdoors comfortably and tastefully? It is easy, unless you have a special set of folding furniture at your disposal.

If you have it, you do not need to spend six months preparing everything you need: folding sets will help you to accommodate all guests of your festive event or venue not only quickly and easily, but with a proper convenience level.

You will instantly know all the benefits of such an acquisition. After all, a quality set of plastic folding furniture is easily assembled, well resists external physical influences and weather changes, and at the same time looks presentable. It is perfect for any company that organizes outdoor holidays, with its own outdoor sites. Or for any person who wishes to relax in the yard of his house with real comfort: the “Picnic” folding set is ideal just for this situation.

Our catalog offers you several design options with benches and chairs. Our own production is always a nice moment for the customers. It allows us to take orders including individual ones for specific tasks and measures, which are established by the client.


As a manufacturer, we have the opportunity to provide our customers with the most favorable prices: it is especially appreciated by our clients who prefer to buy furniture in bulk. And cooperation with us is always pleasant and profitable: our price policy is attractive to customers, and we provide the client with a wide choice of payment options, including credit.

You can buy a set of folding furniture by:

  • placing an order online;
  • calling one of our business phones;
  • ordering in our office directly.
  • Call us, request a callback or contact us via social media and get even more useful information!