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Laminated chipboard beds

  • Household single bed of Laminated chipboard
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  • Household bunk bed of Laminated chipboard New
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  • Household bunk bed of Laminated chipboard
    Household bunk bed of Laminated chipboard [KL2] Price: €42
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A hotel which takes care of its prosperity and development of its business does not only choose an original bedroom design, it shall be aesthetic and serve practical purposes at the same time. That is why practicability and a truly long service life shall be behind the beautiful design of furniture suitable for hotel business.

That is why reasonable hotel owners who plan to buy quality furniture for long-time use prefer to buy laminated chipboard beds because it is the most functional and cost-efficient option. These advantages have become possible because of primary material which has become increasingly popular because of a range of its particular practical features at a time:

- it is highly resistant to mechanical damage as well as provides secure fastening, that’s why laminated chipboard bed can serve you for about nine years or even more;

- the material does not require any specific extra care apart from the normal one which will be performed regularly in any case;

- production of this material stands out because of low cost, this is the reason why the price for laminated chipboard bed will always be interesting for the end customer.

Our catalog shows only quality laminated chipboard beds from the manufacturer at best prices. You can find not only a constantly demanded classic single laminated chipboard bed and a household bed within the range of offers but other options which will be suitable for various conditions and situations.

Our company has its own technical resources which allow us to create comfortable and practical furniture and set a truly acceptable price for both sides. Please note that we provide a free intercity telephone number for our clients so that you can call it to get comprehensive advice for your order and make a purchase even if you are not in Moscow.

A pleasant addition to the catalog is an opportunity to address us with an individual order that will be made to meet your particular request. After all, a bed made according to your specific dimensions will fully meet the restrictions and requirements of your room and we are happy to make it for you.