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Metal frame chairs

  • Metal frame army hard chair
    Metal frame army hard chair [SMD86] Price: €19
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  • Metal frame stool
    Metal frame stool [TtMD64] Price: €16
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  • Metal framed stool (with plactic)
    Metal framed stool (with plactic) [TtMP99] Price: €18
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  • Household bench
    Household bench [SkMD68] Price: €26
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  • Stool "Comfort"
    Stool "Comfort" [TMK1] Price: €13
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  • Chair ISO Chrome Plast K31
    Chair ISO Chrome Plast K31 [KR7] Price: €25
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It is an absolutely easy task to quickly create a lot of seats. Of course, if you make a proper choice and use modern and affordable metal frame chairs. Our catalog will help you to choose the items which will suit your situation best: the models shown there stand out not only for their high durability and good external resistance but also for their wide range of design.

Hard metal frame chair from our company will retain its presentable appearance, stability and strength for a long time even in case of sufficiently intensive everyday use: when it is moved or used by a lot of people. Well-designed and developed fastening and outer surfaces will retain their original properties for many years.

We provide clients with our own production of metal frame chairs, which makes it possible to sell the ordered furniture at a really low price, helping the client to save their budget for other projects. You have the opportunity to set the key features of the structure: width, height, availability of additional parts, back and colors.

Here, you can order not only metal frame chairs from the manufacturer, but also ergonomic benches for changing rooms and similar common areas, as well as practical stools for canteens and cafeterias.

You can buy metal frame chairs in bulk using any convenient payment system, from cash to Internet banking system or electronic wallet.

We provide our clients with a wide range of additional services besides furniture:

  • deliver your order to the destination;
  • perform direct furniture assembly;
  • put it in place.

Easy to buy – easy to use!